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September 17th, 2006 @ 5:20pm
[ mood | good ]

My journalism class finally started last week. Our teacher was just completely mia. We still don't know why he was mysteriously gone for practically the first semester. Anyway, but it's finally started and well...no one is really all that nice. I was aware journalism is somewhat ruthless but dear God I'll go be a fish somewhere else. eugh.

I finally found a job. It's far far less glamorous than the music store sadly. But yeah, the pizza place about five blocks from campus was hiring so I'm finally employed and therefor can actually eat without my parents help.

Yeah so,...our fourth roommate still isn't here. We have no clue. Apparently AIoT is great about mysteriously absent people. But the three of us don't care much. XD Oh! We totally got bored Friday night and after about two pots of coffee we ended up painting this huge mural all over Carmen's extra blanket. So it's now been tacked to the wall. Carmen kicks ass at drawing and she drew this very large guy with wings and I just scribbled in backgrounds while Sarah simply watched and nitpicked everything lol.

I'm coming to visit in two weeks with Paige. Just to warn in case anyone actually wants to see me. I even cleaned out my car for the impending litter parade I create on the long drive home.

So see you guys then.

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September 3rd, 2006 @ 9:47am
[ mood | upbeat ]

I was thinking about apologizing for my lack of updating then I realized no one really reads it anyway so that was stupid.

School has been great so far. I've actually been enjoying my classes, regardless of how crappy I am at them. I really like my roommates. Sarah is really witty and she's also really tiny, and yet does kickboxing and therefor scares every boy within ten feet. And Carmen reminds me of myself back a few years ago, though far less shy and with a bit of a dirty mouth. I was afraid I'd be stuck with people I didn't end up getting along with but we go out together a lot and Sarah helps me with my harder subjects. I even have my photography class with Carmen. Anyway, they've been a lot of fun.

Paige is only a little bit away from my campus as well and so I get to see her everyday. We go get coffee together on the days that I don't have Psychology first thing (I'm not getting up earlier than necessary on that day) I think she gets sick of just how excited I seem to be to be here, where she doesn't seem all that impressed at all. Maybe I'm just easily impressed. *shrugs*

I felt so bad about Marco when he called me the other day. I cannot believe his father would actually do that, and I'm supposed to be the skeptical one. But it's only for one year maybe. We'll see what happens. Besides, Marco could change the world even without a college degree I'm positive. I have no clue what he's worrying about. =]

Jimmy seems to finally be okay with staying as a senior and I'm glad. It sucked to see him sad all the time about it. Plus, I didn't even think I was going to graduate let alone go to college so I had just as big a chance to stay behind with him. Fate smiled.

Anyway, this was longish so I'm going to go back to job searching. I need find a new one for car payments very soon.

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August 16th, 2006 @ 11:03pm
[ mood | excited ]

Well...this is it. =D

I'm doing some last minute packing, all the clothes I've worn the past week and washed and stuff, my bed clothes, etc. By four am my parents and I will be on our way to NY. I don't look forward to eight hours in a car but this is very exciting. My parents are following me in my little car. XD It doesn't hold a lot but I'll need it to some extent.

Craig just left about half an hour ago and I went out with Marco for most of the day Tuesday. Paige's already gone. I even went to visit Jimmy and Ashley a few days ago. They seemed happy so it didn't make it so bad.

Anyway, I have to go get some sleep before I die...or die tomorrow.

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August 3rd, 2006 @ 8:12pm
[ mood | excited ]

I'm finally home. Unfortunately not for too long. xD

After getting back from LA with Craig (which was amazing btw) He told me he loved me. I'm somewhere close to ecstatic I had a few days home to kill before my dad drove my mother and I up to Vancouver for a couple of days just to have a family outing one last time before I'm to leave.

Now I am basically regulated to my bedroom where I am still day by day packing up my stuff for that long ass drive to NYC. All of this going away to college jazz suddenly seems far too close. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited though.

Well, I am going to go downstairs and have yet another cooking lesson. Let's see if I can do something without botching it up shall we? Then I get to continue packing up all of my clothes that I won't be wearing this week. I never noticed I had THAT many clothes until just now.

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July 25th, 2006 @ 1:37am
[ mood | amused ]

Y'know sometimes I really hate Craig. Not in the sense that I want to rip out his insides or write dark emo poetry listing all of his negative traits...but in the dear lord I'm going to strangle him one day for being so...insane. lol

Suffice to say I'm in LA at the moment and will be back in a day or two.

Yeah. Exactly. The idiot showed up at my house the same way he did before his cds party and gave me thirty minutes notice to pack a bag and made all these weird beforehand plans, talked to my dad even. He's absolutely out of his mind I swear. I however, can never say I'm bored and still keep a straight face.

The other neat thing about this is that we're here with Caitlin. I haven't seen her in awhile so we've all been hanging out. I remember when I apprenticed her a couple years ago. That was rather awesome while it lasted, circumstances at the time notwithstanding.

Anyway, Craig is being an utter brat at the moment and poking me as I do this so I'm just going to sign off and go keep him entertained. Why is he awake right now anyway? Eugh.

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July 14th, 2006 @ 8:49am
[ mood | restless ]

Sorry about the MIA thing I had going there for awhile. Nothing of great interest has been going on beyond this constant march through the days so I just didn't feel the need to check up on this thing lol Random things I can think of right now.

* working with Cal has been great. It gets really boring in there sometimes so he keeps me entertained with whatever scandalous story he happens to have that week. That or tries to chase me down with the barcode sticker gun.
* Lance is all smiley and it's ruining his emo image. He scowls at me for my friendly reminders.
* Craig fell on his face two nights ago. I was highly amused.
* Dad took me to the art museum of Windsor yesterday. We missed the exhibition but it was still nice. The building itself was my favorite part though.
* I learned how to make spaghetti. It tasted chewy. This means I fail.

Now I'm going to quit talking in bullets because that's actually kind of annoying now that I've done it five times. I have no work today and no plans for the first time in...what feels like three years and I all of the sudden feel really...bored. That's sad. Sad in the pathetic way.

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July 1st, 2006 @ 4:16pm
[ mood | good ]

So I was behind the counter being bored out of my puny mind when all the sudden Cal showed up. I had assumed he was there to buy music, considering it is indeed a music store I'm working in, but I soon learned he had actually gotten the job there =D Chris has got such a bad habit of hiring people the second he finds out they were in a band that actually made it into the radio waves. I fear for the day Craig ever comes in to see me when Chris is around. My manager will probably have to excuse himself.

I guess otherwise I don't have a lot to say. Er well, beyond going to visit Craig at about three in the morning >.> I couldn't sleep, was bored much like I am now, and decided there was nothing else for it. If my dad ever catches on to any of these little sneaking around escapades he'd kill me.

Though I quite literally haven't seen much of anyone beyond Craig, Cal, and Lance. It's rather saddening.

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June 25th, 2006 @ 3:23am
[ mood | busy ]

So Chris has been running me ragged the past week I swear XD With Tim out of commission indefinitely and Lance only working half his usual hours he's needed to fill the spots. He's still trying to find someone to help me out but so far no bites. But considering it's a music store I'm sure there will be. Until then...lots of work. But also lots of pay so that atleast is good considering I now have gas payments to make.

However gas payments are a somewhat (not really) good thing. Having a car I've decided is a beautiful thing. And trust me, with all the work I've been seeing plenty of it =]

I however, have not seen much of Tim or Craig though, much to my dislike. Tim is recovering and getting used to living outside of the hospital and Craig is off "working." I am left wondering what they're doing constantly.

Anyway, honestly? Really boring week, where nothing has happened at all. The end.

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June 13th, 2006 @ 1:22pm
[ mood | energetic ]

I bought my car today. Little stratus that I got at a good price. Bright red. Dad picked the color. Three guesses why lol.

So I've been driving around and wasting ungodly amounts of gas pretending to look cool. Went and picked up Marco and we went out to breakfast, then stopped by Walgreens on the way to the hospital and picked up some old skool coloring books before going to see Tim. Apparently he's getting out soon which was good to hear.

So we hung out with Tim for a couple of hours. Messed around and collaborated. I think we ended up making about five precious moment's characters look emo in our boredness. Said goodbye because Marco and I both had a shift soon. I drove Marco and I to the coffee shop, and he was still an hour or so early so we sat down and talked for awhile.

As melodramatic as it is, we got a lot of crap out in the open. Apparently Dylan was the one who found Tim. I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what I'm feeling towards him now. After all...Dylan only wanted to hurt Marco and Tim...now he's the one helping? Marco also told me in no uncertain terms that the dressing room incident was in no way Dylan's fault. We argued a lot during that hour...everything he said seemed to contradict something I had to say...but Marco won out nearly every time regardless.

Anyway, eventually noon rolled around and he was forced to slip behind the counter and I left on my way. Quite an afternoon. But atleast we're on the same page now.

Speaking of Paige, I need to go show off my car to her before my two o'clock shift.

All in all...not so bad a day.

Now I leave you with the stupid movie quote of the week- "Why Caroline, I do believe you broke my legs"

And I'm gone. =]

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June 5th, 2006 @ 10:20pm
[ mood | tired ]

Had a nice night out with Lance this evening. I guess in all truth I'm not practically living at the hospital anymore. I've mostly been covering for Lance so Chris wouldn't notice he hadn't been working. But he's finally taking his shifts over. Which is not really good in my opinion because the idiot doesn't sleep. We went out for coffee tonight and just gabbed about our love lives. Yes, out of character for me but whatever. And he showed me that college application as well. I want him to go. He's wasting away with what he's doing now. But he doesn't want to with Tim being how he is.

Otherwise, after nine months of working and several small pay raises from Chris later, I've finally got enough to go used car shopping. Dad and I ran around yesterday looking at lots but I haven't found one that I want overly badly just yet. Plus, have you ever felt too grown up? College in under four months. Buying a car. Kind of weird realization sometimes.

Speaking of growing up, but not really. Craig took me to his cds debut you could say. Gave me five minutes forewarning to get into something tight fitting and appropriate for stardom. A feat, which I may point out, that I actually did accomplish though once I got there I felt so...small. You wouldn't imagine the types of people there. The Jay and Silent Bob premier was close, but not quite there. Plus some horrid lady with boobs larger than my head hit on Craig right in front of me and well...I felt smaller suffice to say. But he eventually just suggested ditching the whole party altogether. Which was very surprising to me. But it made me feel a lot better to know he cared enough to get me away from all those people.

*sighs* Well, I'm going to go...sit around or something. My feet hurt. XD You'd think after working there for so long you'd get used to it. Nope, feet still hurt every night lol.

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